Atlantic Salmon, Smoked salmon, Fish soup and Cooked Scallops

Atlantic salmon, smoked salmon, fish soup, cooked Scallops. Let's see Red!

Label Rouge guarantees incomparable quality. In response to consumer expectations producers are committed to an initiative of excellence, offering a range of products with unique taste properties.

The Label Rouge Fish Soup N° LA 04/21

Label Rouge fish soup is made from the freshest, wild-caught whole fish. The fish species that can be incorporated are limited to gurnard, pout and whiting. The minimum proportion of gurnard (80% in the recipe) and the incorporation of pout and whiting, whose white flesh behaves in the same way as gurnard, guarantee the consistency of the soup over time. The soup contains a minimum of 40% fish. This high minimum fish content guarantees the intense flavor of the fish soup. The list of ingredients used is limited, contains no artificial colorants, preservatives, texturizers or flavors, and favors quality ingredients to guarantee the most traditional finished product possible.

Scallops Pecten maximus cooked and frozen n° LA 05/21

Label Rouge frozen and prepared scallops are made from large Label Rouge scallops (Pecten maximus species): 30% minimum used. The sauce is made with Muscadet AOP white wine, button mushrooms, cream and Roscoff AOP onions.

The list of ingredients used is limited, contains no additives, and favors quality ingredients to ensure superior taste and texture. With a minimum percentage of Label Rouge scallops of 30%, and large-caliber scallops without coral or decoration, Label Rouge frozen cooked scallops offer a high quantity of nuts, an intense scallop flavor, and a firm texture.

Label Rouge smoked salmon N° LA 04-94 : rigorous selection and traditional production method

Careful selection of fish and traditional processing methods!

The fresh salmon used for Label Rouge smoked salmon must also hold Label Rouge certification or come from approved fish farms  which meet the criteria of the specification. They are salmon which have been at sea for a minimum of 14 months. This affects the sensory qualities of the smoked salmon by restricting its fat content.

Never frozen Label Rouge smoked salmon is seasoned with dry salt the only method which follows tradition, and is cold smoked on beech or oak wood. It is sliced cold and vacuum packed on the day of cutting, with a maximum eat by date of 21 days.

Label Rouge Atlantic salmon N° LA 31-05

Label Rouge salmon grow in fish farm where best practice in husbandry is ensured to guarantee freshness and quality. Feed is healthy and contains no GMO (< 0,9%) and no land animal products.   The strict conditions of production respect the salmon's natural life cycle. After many months spent in freshwater a minimum of 12 months is spent in seawater farms.

A stringent procedure for traceability and control ensures top quality fish with flesh which keeps its shape well, with a controlled fat content (< 16%), but remains moist and juicy.

So at the points of sale you will find Label Rouge salmon selected for their appearance and flesh quality. Those which are sold whole are easily recognisable through the badge attached to the gill, while cuts are guaranteed to be completely fresh by an eat-by date of 6 days.


Within the smoked salmon range, Label Rouge has always been the benchmark for quality.

Firstly, through its demanding smoking process, the presentation of its slices, and its very short processing cycle ensuring freshness of taste right through to consumption, which were then complemented by the exclusive use of salmon raised according to specifications dedicated to this premium quality objective.

Farmers and processors are thus engaged in a permanent challenge of consistency, regularity, monitoring and responsiveness, requiring them to codify their practices very precisely. The progress constantly required in terms of the environmental impact of operations and animal welfare is now an integral part of the industry's concerns and actions.

These challenges are regularly and very precisely audited by the third-party control body (Certipaq), and believe me, you can trust their rigor in the service of the product. A label that can be lost is proof of high standards.

Consumers recognize and appreciate this difference: reduced salt content and balanced smoking, homogeneity of slices, coloring, limited fat content that is visible to the naked eye.

The technical achievements that went into obtaining the Label Rouge have boosted all the products in the range.

Vincent Gélamur, CSR Director of a smoked salmon company, President of the QAP seafood section.


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