Hand harvested Sea Salt

A rich aroma
The hand-harvested sea salt is gentle on the palate and rich in aroma, making it the chef's favourite salt to flavour stocks and for cooking vegetables. But also for grilling and salt crust recipes. Unwashed unprocessed additive-free its flavour complements family and traditional cooking.

This sea salt is naturally grey in colour as it crystallises on contact with the clay from which it draws it wealth of trace elements.

Professional tip? 

Take the salt from the packet and place in a salt box on the work surface (be careful not to use a closed container), it will stay dry and never get sticky.

Top quality hand harvested Label Rouge sea salt : a product based on tradition and craftsmanship

These salt marshes consist of a series of hollows created by man on  naturally impermeable clay surfaces to which the waters of the Atlantic Ocean flowing in through channels, circulates by gravity at a rate controlled by the producer.

The salt is formed through the ability of the chlorates to crystallise after evaporation and through the concentration of sea water produced by the sun and the wind. It is gathered every day in summer when the weather provides both sun and wind, the salt is harvested manually by the "paludier" then taken to the "mulon", which is the pile of salt stored on the site where it is left in the open air to drain naturally. This salt is neither washed nor processed and is guaranteed additive-free.

At every stage from production to point of sale every effort is made for this 100% natural product to  guarantee a commitment to top quality through regular inspections for compliance with its specific characteristics (full traceability, storage conditions grading and screening,  control and analysis of its physical and chemical properties).

Sensory evaluations are carried out to complement the monitoring already in place and reinforce the superior quality guarantee. To affirm and enhance the superior quality of their product, the "paludiers" wanted to introduce a Label Rouge Atlantic sea salt. This was obtained in 1991 (approval No. 06/91). The  communicating characteristics of this Label Rouge salt are a grey sea salt, manual harvesting, additive-free and rich in magnesium.  Certified characteristics (humidity  insoluble,  grain size) complete the quality specification.


It takes years to learn how to make a Label Rouge quality salt. Just to master the "paludier's" handling technique took me two years. And many more to become a true salt professional!

Planning for the salt production begins in winter and spring with the preparation of the salt works. When the first salt crystals appear and are classified as Label Rouge status I feel very proud! I don't think I'll ever forget my first pinch of Label Rouge salt!

Producing Label Rouge hand harvested sea salt needs respect for its environment careful control of water level in the salt works and a good harvesting technique. This is our job - for which we have earned this Label Rouge award.

Label Rouge salt - loved by connoisseurs. Its taste is softer,  less sharp and its flavour enhances, without masking, the taste of the food.

Grégory Pitart, producer of hand harvested                 Label Rouge sea salt, in Guerande.


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